BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s called the Baltimore 500, but it’s not what you think.

Ron Matz has more on the effort to get cats off the streets in Baltimore and into good homes.

Summertime is known as cat season. There’s an overflow of cats and kittens at area shelters, so the Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance is sponsoring the Baltimore 500, a chance to adopt a cat or kitten for free.

The MDSPCA, Baltimore Humane Society and BARCS are all participating.

“It’s a promotion to find homes for cats and kittens. [We] set a goal of adopting 500 cats and kittens during the month month of June, waiving adoption fees,” said MDSPCA Executive Director Aileen Gabbey.

“The deal is actually quite good. Cats and kittens at all three shelters are spayed and neutered. They have their first set of shots and the cats also get a free wellness exam at the Cat Hospital,” she continued.

Dr. Jane Brunt is the founder of the Cat Hospital at Towson.

“I’ve had a passion for cats ever since veterinary school. I’ve been in Maryland since 1980 and knew there was an opportunity to give cats what they needed with their very own cat-only veterinary practice,” Brunt said.

“We focus on the health care after adoption. Cats are such wonderful creatures but they often don’t show their illness so it’s very important to get set up with a veterinarian early on so you know what to expect, know what is normal and help your kitten or cat get off to the right start,” she explained.

“Everybody can come to us or the other shelters and adopt a cat or a kitten for free and when they come to us, they will also get their cat spayed or neutered, vaccinated and get a microchip, all for free,” said Wendy Goldband, Baltimore Humane Society.

“Summertime is known as kitten season. There are a lot of unwanted cats and kittens so June is the perfect time to adopt. This is the time to do it,” Gabbey said. “This is the fifth year for the Baltimore 500.”

Last June, more than 700 cats were adopted during the Baltimore 500.

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