BALTIMORE (WJZ)— The Baltimore City police department is waging war against violence in the city. But even with more officers on the streets, there was another shooting just hours ago.

Meghan McCorkell has more as the violence continues.

Wednesday night, police outlined their plan to stop the shootings. It includes extended shifts for officers and calling on state and federal resources.

An influx of police on the streets but still, there was another shooting Wednesday night in West Baltimore right near a playground. That makes nearly 30 victims since last Friday—nine of them killed. Now police top brass are called in front of the City Council.

“After an incident like that, we were hoping that we were at full strength and focusing on everything we need to focus on,” said Baltimore City Council Brandon Scott.

The commissioner says nearly triple the number of officers will be on the streets this weekend.

“We cannot allow to have 20 of our residents shot during a two-day period. We cannot allow more 18-year-olds losing their lives,” said Commissioner Anthony Batts.

WJZ was there as police swarmed East Baltimore, serving search warrants, seizing guns, drugs and ammunition. The raids were part of a large scale warrant initiative. Police are also moving extra units to the night shift and working with a federal task force.

Detectives have made two arrests in the shootings. Both Devin Baker and Ricky Fair were charged with attempted murder.

Investigators say Fair tried to rob two people in a car along North Smallwood Street when they drove away. He started firing, hitting one of them.

Now community activists are hitting the streets, trying to help police.

“It takes the people in the neighborhoods and the communities to step out and help them along the way. They can’t do it by themselves,” said Wendy Johnson.

Police say they need community involvement to stop the shootings.

Baltimore police have also called on state and transit police to help patrol city streets on the weekends.

The commissioner is calling for a city-wide meeting to discuss the increase in crime on July 9.


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