By Ray Atkinson

Titanfall is being lauded by many as the best of E3.  From a multiplayer standpoint, the critics have a strong case.

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Titanfall will be available for Xbox One, 360, and PC with no word on a Playstation platform release.  All that aside, this looks like it is going to be an amazing multiplayer experience.  For good reason:  it’s from the creators of Call of Duty after all.

In 2011, there was a huge exodus at Infinity Ward, the studio that handles Call of Duty.  Vince Zampella and Jason West, the founders, were fired and subsequently sued by Activision.  The case was resolved, but  Zampella and West went on with other Infinity Ward staff to form Respawn Entertainment.  West has since left, but Respawn’s first project has now come to fruition.

Titanfall is all about futuristic combat.  Giant mechs and air boosters are abound enabling more ways to move about the battlefield.  Combat will take place in the sky and on the ground seamlessly adding a whole new depth of strategy.

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On the Xbox One, Titanfall will take advantage of cloud computing to enhance gameplay experience.  I’ll leave the technical jargon on that to Respawn.  Not only will players be taking on other humans, they will also face AI opponents.  This makes it easier for newer players to amount streaks together getting the added bonuses advanced players are used to.  It could really help clear  a major hurdle of any multiplayer shooter,  entry level.

Too many times, players would enter a match only to be extremely outclassed by cheaters and hardcore gamers.  Respawn wants to alleviate that while offering the same challenge to the advanced players.  Obviously they have a strong desire to cut down on cheating as well.

The furor over Xbox One’s online requirement was legitimate as it also required players to access the internet for single player games.  Microsoft  since did a 180, and no longer demands  a connection once every twenty four hours.  Using it for a solely multiplayer experience makes more sense, as it offers benefits to those kind of gamers.  Alleviating cheating and handling things  server side can deliver an enhanced experience when it works.

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This type of excitement for a shooter was also seen for Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare.  I think that turned out pretty well.  We could be seeing the birth of a new franchise that can actually take on the “Titan” that is Call of Duty.  We will find out next spring when this thing “hits the fan”.  Remember, “it’s all fun and games until it hits the fan.”

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