Race car driver Tommy Milner joined the Norris and Davis show Tuesday morning on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN to discuss the Grand Prix of Baltimore to occur over Labor Day Weekend in Downtown Baltimore.  Milner tells of how he got into racing, citing his father as the main driving force.  He says that road races are more fun, but more challenging than a regular oval race.

Milner has raced in the past two races in Baltimore, saying that the Baltimore track is somewhat challenging of a course.  He says the course is “lots of fun” for a driver, but there is no room for error in these races.  When asked what he thinks about during the races, Milner says he doesn’t actually think about the potential to get hurt mid-race, but how he can run a faster lap or how to pass a driver.  He then discusses how his races during the 24 Hours of Le Mans run and the exacts of how the race is run.