The heat wave we’ve been dealing with this week will last for a few more days, although we’re going to see some thunderstorm activity begin to creep into the picture, too.

The temperature managed to reach 96 degrees Wednesday at BWI, but it felt more like it was over 100. A massive ridge of high pressure is eventually going to start to show signs of weakening, and we are going to need to keep a close eye on the regional radar mosaic during the next 24 hours.

There will be a greater tendency for thunderstorms to develop Friday afternoon and Friday evening, even though the day we expect these to be “the most widespread” is still Saturday.

The temperature will reach the 90s, and it will still be quite humid. So, despite some of the widespread cloud cover to go along with these storms, Saturday should still be very uncomfortable and not ideal for outdoor activities.

We will have to be careful when conveying our message about this weekend, and not promise a nice day on Sunday. While it is true that the temperature on Sunday will probably be no higher than the upper 80s, the movement of the next front that will be dropping out of the north is going to be very slow.

Therefore, we can envision how a shower or thunderstorm could still occur on Sunday, and not necessarily just during the afternoon (it’ll depend upon where the front is located).

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