BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Boston Marathon Bombing victim Erika Brannock joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss her experiences and her recovery.

Steve started out by asking her how she is doing. She said she is doing very well, some days are hard because she has nerve pain. She is standing up every once in a while.

Steve then asked her about her time at Ravens camp. She said it was a dream come true and that she had an incredible time. Steve asked her why she is getting emotional and she explained anytime she talks about her experiences it is hard for her.

Ed then asked about her relationship with Ray Rice. She said that she is very grateful that he is helping her financially by auctioning off of his Jeep. The medical expenses are steep and anything helps. All these people are coming out in a big way and supporting her.

Steve then asked about her conversation with Cal Ripkin. She said he asked her about her life back home and her students. It was a very easy flowing conversation and it was a pleasure. When Ray Lewis called she freaked out and had to compose herself.

Ed then asked if she would be able to teach this fall. She said she is just finishing up her graduate degree and will be student teaching in the fall.

Steve then asked how her mom and sister are doing. Erica said her sister is up and walking and doesnt need her crutches anymore. She said her mom has her good and bad days.

Every one should check out to help her out in any way possible with her medical bills.


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