Kris “Goob” Jones with the Russell Street Report joined Mark Zinno on the Glenn Younes Show to talk some Ravens football.

Kris started off by talking about Bryant Mckinnie being out of shape at training camp.

“You know a lot of these guys are getting their feet under themselves. These guys are prime athletes and are just getting back into football shape. So it does take a wear on their body.”

“The only thing that’s going to get you into football shape is football.”

Then Kris spoke on the adjustments the Ravens offense is going to make after losing some key weapons in the offseason.

“If you look at the guys there, Torrey Smith is really your only proven option that you know that you have at wide receiver.”

“The biggest thing is Tandon Doss, he probably has the best hands on that team but its also that he’s inconsistent and will drop some of the easiest balls that are passed to him as well.”

The guys then talked about the resigning of Vonta Leach today. “I thought the money could be better used elsewhere. It’s just because they need to add somebody at wide receiver.”

Kris capped off the interview by talking about the signing of Michael Huff.

“I think he was the perfect signing. He can help out at a lot of different areas.”

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