It’s an interesting society that we are in today especially in sports.. is it okay for the Orioles just to be competitive after 14 years of a losing record?

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Last year the playoffs for Baltimore baseball came out of nowhere, this year they’ve been competitive from the start but is it enough!?!? The fans seem to be getting restless or is it spoiled, even though the team is still competitive, has a spot in one of the wildcards and continues to play winning baseball. The case study is still in progress and maybe I’ve got losers mentality but I’m OK with a competitive team, AL EAST Champs or not.

Yes, I understand the fans that want it all now, sell the farm to win today but I’d also like to see this type of winning for the next 14 years, not the losing of the past. Can’t we dream of a decade plus of this type of baseball? Is that all that bad a dream? I think not.

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