Glenn kicked off his rant/tribute to Art Donovan by talking about how great it is to have so many stories about Art Donovan in the Baltimore community. “It’s great to reminisce. It’s great to think about yester-year.”

But, Glenn thinks that Art’s generation of athlete is fading away. “At some point there’s not going to be the good ole’ days to talk about anymore…Art Donovan is a symbol of a generation that is dwindling.”

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Glenn elaborated on that statement by relating athletes from Art’s generation to the athletes of this generation. “We put these current athletes on a pedestal that doesn’t exist in real life. Arty Donovan was real life. Arty Donovan drinking a bunch of Schlitz beers at the golf course, being cool, talking to folks, that’s real life!”

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He went on to say, “You can’t do that today. You know why you can’t do it today? Because we have made it so athletes can’t be that. We don’t allow them to be that on social media, we don’t allow them to be that in person. Because the second there’s a crack of humanity in their disguise, all of a sudden they’re just regular people.”

“Art Donovan was a regular guy. It’s why we loved him here in Baltimore.”

“It’s why those stories are going to be few and far between….because we don’t allow our athletes to be human.”

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