Casey Stern with MLB Network Radio joined the Glenn Younes show to talk about the recent suspensions in the MLB.

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The rumor around the Majors is that the Rangers wanted Nelson Cruz to appeal his suspension to help them with their playoff push the rest of the season. Cruz decided not to appeal. Glenn quoted Rangers GM John Daniel, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say we’re a better team with Nelson Cruz on the field.”

Casey Stern has recently interviewed John Daniels and Glenn asked him what he got from that interview. “The sense I got from John is that look, there are some truths out there that we all understand. A) They’d be better off if Nelson Cruz played. B) It’s better off for Nelson Cruz for his money if he goes out into free agency and doesn’t have a suspension hanging over him.” After Casey talked about the Rangers efforts to find a bat on the trading block; he talked about how Nelson Cruz’ suspension really hurts Texas’ lineup. “Texas really was in a situation where they were hopeful that Nelson Cruz would keep them from being in a spot where they are now…which is really in trouble heading into the stretch.”

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Glenn followed that up by asking if Cruz helped himself by firing his old agent and seeking a new one. “I think he probably helped himself with a change of agent looking better in the market. But screwed himself a little bit in my opinion by trying to make an excuse over a tummy ache.” That excuse over a tummy ache refers to Nelson’s statement after being suspended saying that he used performance enhancing drugs to help recover from a gastrointestinal infection.

Then the guys shifted over to the Alex Rodriguez suspension. Glenn asked Casey if he thinks A-Rod should just appeal his suspension and keep his mouth shut. “Let’s start with number one: Alex Rodriguez is a narcissistic ego maniac, he’s an insect and should have been exterminated.” He elaborated on that statement by talking about Rodriguez’ interview with Katie Couric on 60 minutes. “He did it and was representing the guys who were clean in baseball talking about the Mitchell report. We found out in 2009 that during the time of that interview he admitted to using steroids.” He finished up that thought with a great analogy. “If you knew that you were cheating on your taxes and someone says ‘hey I’d love to have you as a guest on my show about taxes. You’d probably say ‘ehh you know what I kind of have plans that day.”

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