Kim Jones with the NFL Network joined Mark Zinno on the Baltimore Baseball Tonight Postgame Show to talk NFL training camp.

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Mark and Kim started off the conversation by talking about Rex Ryan and the Jets. “I think Rex is sort of back in that teacher mold. We don’t have those grand proclamations right now and frankly if we did than we would really have to wonder about Rex.”

Mark then shifted attention to Andrew Luck and the Colts and asked what Kim saw from the Indianapolis training camp. “Near perfection. It was as if his passes had GPS. Watching him throw the football was fun as a football fan.” She went on to talk about what Luck can improve on heading into this season. “He can limit the turnovers…he cannot take as many sacks. He puts a lot of it on himself.”

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Mark and Kim stayed with the young Quarterback topic. Zinno asked Kim, “Of the four second year quarterbacks between Luck, RG3, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, who’s most likely for a sophomore slump?” “That’s a tough one. They all seemed to sustain last year. They all came through at times when you thought they would hit a wall.” Kim said it was a tough decision but said RG3’s injury brings the most risk. “I do think there is some question, not in any way because of RGIII’s ability or capacity to weather this injury or anything. But I do think when you have an injury; you have some question marks that the other guys don’t have.”

Zinno then talked about how most people would say that they would take Jim Harbaugh over John Harbaugh. He then asked Kim her opinion of John, “Yeah, he probably doesn’t get enough credit.” She went on to say “he’s the one who won the ring…its funny how sometimes we undervalue those who win. Tom Coughlin needed 2 Super Bowls to be valued here in New York very highly.”

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Listen to the full conversation here.
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