Mark Zinno filled in on CBS Sports Radio national network over the weekend. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh joined Zinno to discuss the pre-season as the defending Super Bowl Champions make the march toward the regular season. Harbaugh spoke of all the changes during the off-season. He said those plans were in the works months before the Super Bowl and the outcome of the game had little to do with the moves that were made. Anquan Boldin’s departure was difficult. “Not just because the fact he was a heck of a player, he’s such a great guy,” said Harbaugh.

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

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Harbaugh expounded on the first day of training camp when he took the rookies and selected veterans to Gettysburg. “It was a powerful thing on a couple of different levels. The point is that any of us can make a huge difference. The littlest thing make the biggest differences,” said Harbaugh. The hope was that this will be a motivation for the players to learn from that trip.

The Ravens didn’t spend much time glowing in their Super Bowl win. Harbaugh had a focus to turn the page from that. Harbaugh said, “We really are a different team in a lot of ways. We haven’t had much media. The national media hasn’t been around since the first couple of days, and that’s been a blessing.”

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Quarterback Joe Flacco, who signed a huge contract extension this off-season will be expected to do big things this season. “He stepped up as a leader. That role has changes a little bit and he’s definitely up for it,” said Harbaugh. Finally, the locker room is much different with all the new players. Harbaugh quipped that things haven’t changed much. “It cracks me up. There’s no beakers in there. There’s no cups with algae growing in there. It’s just a football locker room!”

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