Owner and agent at Pro Football Syndicate, Marc Lillibridge joined the Glenn Younes show to talk preseason football.

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Glenn started the conversation by asking Marc if he is worried about the Ravens receiving core. “I’m a huge Torrey Smith fan…I don’t know where their legit second is.” He is referring to who will be the consistent #2 receiver. “I think Jacoby is great in a certain role, I don’t know if Jacoby is ready to be the number two. Maybe he is…but he has to show it.” Marc went on to say that Ed Dickson will take some of the pressure off of the wide receivers. “I think Ed Dickson can take a role across the middle, can take some of the catches that Boldin did…I think he will fit in nicely.”

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Glenn and Marc later talked about the fine Bears linebacker Jon Bostic received for a brutal hit in last Thursday’s preseason game against the Chargers. Glenn asked Marc’s opinion on the 21 thousand dollar fine. “I think it was a great hit, I thought it was clean. I would be very, very surprised if he doesn’t win this appeal…it will be either reduced greatly or he’ll get off clean.” Marc went on to comment on the lack of ability to tackle in today’s generation. “Guy’s don’t tackle anymore! So now instead of getting their body in the right position, they’re diving and lunging. More injuries are going to start coming, that’s where the concussions come from. If you get in front of a guy and wrap up, you’re not going to get hurt.”

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