Tom Verducci joined the Norris and Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN Wednesday morning to discuss his article in Sports Illustrated about Chris Davis, who graces the front cover of the regional issue this week.  Verducci said he wanted to explore the swing of a major league player and why some players get better with age.  Verducci tells that Davis went back to a swing from his earlier days when he started to heat up at the plate.  Davis stopped worrying about the mechanics of his swing, against what the Rangers wanted him to do, and started becoming a much better hitter.  Davis attributes this to Robinson Cano, who told Davis that people liked his power, no matter his mechanics.

Verducci tells that many power hitters will strike out often, so it is to be expected.  However, pitchers have started pitching away from him, so Davis is not getting himself out with swings rather than pitchers finally adjusting to his swing.  Verducci believes Davis is going to be a “bona fide middle of the order power hitter,” citing his minor league numbers as a reference that Davis will continue to get better over the next few years.

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Verducci brings up the whole PED argument and how Davis’ name has come up with different accusations.  Verducci believes Davis has handled the whole problem very well, simply denying it and not going around answering the question.

When asked about the Red Sox since the All Star Break, Verducci tells that he did not expect the team to be as good as they are for as long as they have been this season.  He is surprised the team has survived without having Clay Buchholz.  Verducci doesn’t see any team pulling away with the division until the very end of the regular season.

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Verducci moves to talk about the closer situation with the Orioles, saying many people can close and teams need to ride the hot hand at the time.  He believes Fransisco Rodriguez may be able to close if called upon, but loyalty is what keeps driving Buck Showalter to go back to Jim Johnson.

Verducci talks about the Alex Rodriguez situation, saying he is as a point that his career might be over.  Verducci does not believe A-Rod will ever be welcomed back to the Yankees organization after the final suspension comes down.  Verducci believes this story has just begun, rather than just starting.

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