By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore now has three street races under its belt and drivers will be glad to know their commutes are returning to normal.

Pat Warren reports on the cleanup after the Grand Prix.

All roads shut down for the Grand Prix should be open by 6 a.m. Tuesday but downtown won’t be back to normal for a few days.

The Grand Prix of Baltimore leaves its mark on city streets where the racers laid down rubber. Monday, Pratt and Light streets were thoroughfares for more pedestrian means of travel and remain so until the streets reopen.

“It’s awesome. I was kicking myself for not getting up this morning and running the circuit that the cars all raced on,” said Jessica Deschenes.

In a statement, race organizers call the 2013 Grand Prix the best yet. They say they are very pleased with the results and while ticket sales are still being compiled, the event drew strong crowds and delivered “an exceptional entertainment experience.”

Feedback is described as overwhelmingly positive with many return visitors.

“We’re IndyCar fans. We saw it on TV, we saw the Harbor, we said, `Go up and see it,'” said Herb Kettenacker.

Now the job is to get Baltimore commuters back to business as usual.

“The teardown definitely is quicker. It takes us about 10, 12 days to bring all the stuff out. That’ll be 12 days this year; last year we managed to do it in 10 and that’s because we’re cooperating with the NFL on their kickoff experience that’s going to happen on Thursday following the Grand Prix,” said Grand Prix of Baltimore General Manager Tim Mayer.

So while streets reopen, some lanes may remain closed.

“Whenever you have road closures, they are going to affect the adjacent roadways. We want to thank the motorists, the motoring public for their patience, cooperation. We know that it was challenging,” said Adrienne Barnes.

The city Department of Transportation says you can call or email with questions. They say they were able to offer advice to any motorist who contacted them during the race.

395 has already reopened.


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