BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City police officers shoot and kill a man after a foot chase in East Baltimore.

Meghan McCorkell explains why officers say they had to open fire.

Police say that suspect was armed, dangerous and looking to do harm.

Police tape surrounds a courtyard at the Douglas Homes complex. Witnesses report hearing more than a dozen gunshots fired by police.

Investigators say it started just before 7 p.m. Wednesday. Officers with a special enforcement unit received intelligence that a crime may occur at a nearby business.

“The officers saw a suspect that they believe matched the description. It turned out to be the suspect,” said Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, Baltimore City Police.

That suspect, who witnesses say was a teenager, ran from police. Multiple officers chased after him.

One woman tells WJZ she was holding a meeting for football players at a nearby school when police officers with weapons drawn came running through the parking lot. She immediately got all the players on the ground to take cover.

Police caught up with the suspect in a courtyard, where they say he pulled out a gun.

“That the suspect was armed and the officers feared for their life,” said Rodriguez.

Three police officers fired at the suspect, hitting him multiple times. Some witnesses say it was too much.

“They’re grown men. They could have easily laid that boy down and did what they had to do. Why use your gun?” neighbor Melvin Williams said.

The department has launched an internal investigation.

“I welcome those citizens and any citizens that witnessed this to come forth. We will interview any and all witnesses and we’ll get to the bottom of this,” Rodriguez said.

Investigators say the suspect’s handgun was recovered at the scene.

The suspect has been pronounced dead. None of the police officers was injured in the incident.

Police have not identified the suspect or the business where the alleged crime was supposed to occur.


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