BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Drivers on the Jones Falls Expressway could be looking at more delays as the City Department of Transportation gets ready to start a 10-month repair project.

Monique Griego has more.

While most of the repairs will be done overnight, the first 10 weeks of the project could cause a major snag near downtown.

Drivers on Baltimore’s busiest roadway will again be running into roadblocks due to bridge repairs on the Jones Falls Expressway.

“We’re just trying to extend the life so we don’t have to go out and do a major bridge replacement,” said Scott Weaver, the city’s chief bridge engineer.

Weaver says it’s a 10-month project but the majority of the work will be done overnight, during the off-peak hours of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Crews will start on the southbound side, working their way down from 41st Street.

“We’re going to go out and replace bridge joint material, clean and paint the steel underneath, make any small repairs we have to,” Weaver said.

But the bridge work won’t even start until after an initial 10-week project to repair a northbound barrier near Penn Station. It will cause an around-the-clock closure of the right lane and East Madison on-ramp, starting Sept. 16.

In spring 2012, similar closures for pipe repairs caused major delays for commuters. The city says this time won’t be as severe.

Despite the looming headache, drivers understand the need.

“It’s good to see progress in the city and I’m glad they’re taking care of business,” said driver Amanda Filipczuk.

“I hope that we can all just deal with it and get to work and not be too grumpy about it,” said John Anthony.

The city is urging drivers to plan ahead and possibly use alternate routes during the repairs.


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