(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Brian Tuohy is an author and considered to be America’s leading expert on game fixing in sports. He has appeared on over 100 radio programs across the US and Canada, spoken at major colleges, and had his previous book The Fix Is In reviewed in the Wall Street Journal.

Did you know the FBI had information revealing that members of the New York Knicks were shaving points in exchange for cocaine from their dealer? Or that a handful of Hall of Fame quarterbacks were thought to have thrown games for gamblers? Or that a Hall of Fame NBA referee well before Tim Donaghy had a serious gambling problem and bet on NBA games? And that one mobster controlled the sport of boxing for more than two decades? These questions are all answered in Brian’s new book Larceny Games so rush out and get a copy.

Steve asked Brian how easy is it to fix a big time college football or basketball game. Brian said it is incredibly easy especially at the college level. With the players not making salaries it’s easy for a gambler to offer a kid who is maybe not a pro prospect 15-20 thousand dollars to throw a game.

Ed asked Brian about boxing being controlled by the mob. Brian said that Frankie Carbo was a mobster who controlled boxing for years and years and lots of people knew about it, and Brian talked about possibly some Muhammed Ali fights being fixed in particular the Sonny Liston fight.


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