(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

It would be a shame if the Orioles don’t make the playoffs, because they will then waste one of the greatest offensive seasons in team history, and certainly one of those epic seasons.

Chris Davis is on pace to hit 55 homers with 142 RBI’s and just under .300.

If you look back in Orioles history, most of the unbelievable seasons occurred in playoff years:

Frank’s triple crown season in 1966 happened during their first World Series.

Boog’s MVP season in 1970, also during a championship.

Ditto for Cal in 1983.

Boog had an unreal season in 1969 too and they went to the Series, same for Ken Singleton in 1979, when he finished 2nd in the MVP voting.

Brady’s 50 homer season happened during a playoff year in 1996.

Sure, not all did, like Brooks’ MVP year in ’64 and Cal in 1991.  But, you get my point. Davis’ performance this year will have a greater legacy if the Orioles are a playoff team.


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