ELKRIDGE, Md. (WJZ)—An Elkridge father is charged with shaking his baby daughter to death. But court documents show he tried to blame someone else at first.

Mary Bubala reports.

Aron Krampf, 26, is charged with first- and second-degree assault, child abuse and reckless endangerment.

Police were called to his home on Ducketts Lane in Elkridge on Tuesday afternoon for a report of an unconscious baby who wasn’t breathing.

The baby—Krampf’s 6-week-old daughter Aubrey—was rushed to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

She died Thursday morning.

Police believe Krampf violently shook her to stop her from crying.

“The baby was taken to the hospital and we learned that she had severe brain hemorrhaging, as well as fractures throughout her body,” said Sherry Llewellyn, Howard County Police.

But in charging documents, Krampf told police at first his 2-year-old son was standing over top the 1-month-old, and he picked up his daughter and observed blood coming from her nose.

Krampf told police “it must have been from his 2-year-old son pushing her off the bed.”

But then Krampf admits “he may have squeezed the baby too hard,” and then he finally told police “he shook the baby for an extended period of time until she stopped crying.”

Neighbors who know the family and had seen the baby after she was brought home from the hospital in early August are just so sad.

“I can’t imagine it, except you don’t have the heart, somebody who doesn’t have the heart who can do this,” a neighbor said.

Police say a murder charge will likely be added to the case against Krampf.

The case goes before a grand jury later this month.

Bail is set at $1 million.


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