(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Our on-field reporter Jerry Coleman hit the turf after the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. He caught up with Brandon Stokley, Marlon Brown, Vonta Leach and Corey Graham to get the players take on the game, the good and the bad.

Brandon Stokley was targeted 4 times for 36 yards in his return to Baltimore to play in purple for the first time since 2002. He loves being back in town and playing for the organization. He recognizes that his quarterback had some distractions and “rightfully so” with the birth of his second child before kickoff. He was not willing to put the blame all on Joe, saying that the offense just struggled to make plays.

Joe’s freshest starting receiver, Marlon Brown struggled again with a dropped ball in the endzone but he made up for that mistake in the second half with his first regular season touchdown at M&T Bank Stadium. Marlon finished the day with 4 receptions and 45 yards. He was happy with the outcome and reassured fans that “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.” Marlon and Joe are still getting acclimated to one another in practice and in games and Marlon says that “it’s getting better every day, every single day, even on game day.” The Ravens Rookie Wide Receiver also said that before the game Joe was trying to call his wife to check in, joking that since he had AT&T he couldn’t get any service.

Vonta Leach knows AFC North football and he understands that the game can get pretty choppy and trash talking can ignite some fireworks. The offense recovered in the second half of the game as Vonta noted, “We just executed better.” His thoughts were with no. 27, Ray Rice, for whom he blocks for on a daily basis. He didn’t seem to know much about it at the time but hopes that after the team doctors take a look, he’ll be alright.

In a defensive battle, like Sunday was, both teams knew they couldn’t make any mistakes. Jerry caught up to Corey Graham on the field to ask him about the defensive effort. Corey says that after a game like they had last week, they needed to come out and execute. The team had the mentality to be the better than last week and the certainly proved they weren’t the pushovers that some thought they might be after a 7-touchdown defeat by Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Week 1.


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