By Linh Bui

TIMONIUM, Md. (WJZ)– The wait is finally over for Apple fans. Not one, but two iPhones hit store shelves Friday.

Linh Bui reports the launch drew big crowds to local businesses.

It’s become an annual event. People line up early to get the latest Apple iPhone.

In some cities, the phone came out overnight, and one man in New York waited outside for two weeks.

After months of anticipation, they’re finally here.

“It’s almost like Christmas morning ,” said Larry Taylor, the director of sales for the Maryland area AT&T. “It’s been a steady stream all day long.”

Two new Apple iPhones went on sale Friday.

“In five minutes, I love it,” said Ed Buffington, a delighted customer.

“We’re expecting quite a few hundred people at least,” said Jonathan Collazo, store manager of the Best Buy in Timonium.

At Collazo’s store, customers began lining up at 5 a.m.

“I was afraid if I didn’t get it today, I wouldn’t get it for a month,” said another customer.

At the AT&T store in Towson Town Center, customers were waiting outside at 4:30 a.m.

“It’s our five-year anniversary, so we thought it was a good way to treat ourselves,” said Erica Perry.

The excitement was worldwide with massive crowds lining up  in places like New York, California and China.

“With any Apple launch or any new great, iconic release, it’s very big,” Collazo said.

Apple’s release includes the less expensive iPhone 5C that comes in five different colors and the top of the line iPhone 5S,  which has new features such as the fingerprint scanner and a faster processor.

The new phone has an upgraded camera and a better flash, so pictures come out sharper and clearer.

Excited Apple fans say they had to have the new technology right away.

“I definitely like the fingerprint technology, of course. The two chips inside the phone will make it twice as fast,” said Michael Gibbs, a customer who bought the new 5S.

“The color, the touch ID technology. It seems much faster,” said Ed Buffing.

Apple expects to sell 8 million iPhones the first day.

This is the first time Apple released two phones at the same time, and it’s also the first time there was no pre-sale option.

The iPhone 5C starts at $99, while the iPhone 5S starts at $199.

Linh Bui


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