Dan Flynn is the author of the book; War on Football: Saving America’s Game.

Dan joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about CTE in NFL players.

Steve asks: Deny premise of league of denial?

Dan: They showed us Mike Webster’s dead body trying to appeal to our hearts. CTE eats away at people brains, if all football players suffered then we would all be zombies

Steve: Can everyone get some level of CTE to blow it out of proportion?

Dan: There is no random study, they are going after players with brains they know had issues. There is a certain marker found in about 97 percent of older brains, she has gotten a hit on so many brains because of how they are doing the study, and you have to look at genetics, how much of it is genetics. What is the difference between old-timers and CTE?

Ed: Are they selecting people who react differently, in your book what is the motivation for people trying to discredit the NFL?

Dan: Some people are true believers but others are out for money. Anyone that is with the NFL they label as NFL doctors so you cant trust them. Robert Cantu is making 5,000 per hour consulting with lawyers so shouldn’t we  hear that they have an agenda. According to doctors a cause and affect relationship with CTE and concussions has not been made or with contact sports, we have autopsies on dead players who have had brain damage before

Ed: Now that we know all this, no one will turn down an NFL contract so where does this go?

Dan: I think a lot of this was just about money for players. My home state there was a murder case where a football players kills his girl friend and his defense was it wasn’t me it was CTE, and there are people saying maybe Hernandez is a victim of CTE

Steve: Why is this important to you?

Dan: I have no dog in this fight, I just don’t like BS, the history of my writing to disprove BS when I see it. It was found that men from the NFL live longer than regular guys. We hear NFL guys kill themselves or die in their 50’s but a lot of this belong in the area of media propaganda.

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