Mark Malone is a former NFL quarterback who is now a color commentator for the Westwood One radio network.

Mark joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Ravens vs Packers game which he is calling on Sunday.

Steve asks: Is Eli bad enough to warrant getting benched?

Malone replies:  The reality of the situation is that there is nobody who could replace him.  He is playing bad right and their offensive line is pretty terrible.  he is just trying to do to much to compensate by how bad their whole team is playing.

Ed asks: What about the ravens so far, are you impressed or unimpressed?

Malone replies:  I’m really surprised about what their doing on defense, with all the losses i thought they would take a big hit but they have done a good job replacing those players.  From an offensive standpoint, their biggest concern is the loss of Pitta, their offensive line has been a disappointment.  I think as the year goes on they will continue to improve and will be a contender in the ACF North.


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