Ian Eagle is a play by play man for CBS who does NFL games every Sunday, this week he will be doing the Ravens vs Steelers.

Ian joined Ed & Steve to give his thoughts on this weekend’s big AFC North rivalry game.

Steve asks: Where does the Ravens Steelers rivalry rank amongst rivalries in the NFL?

Ian replies:  It’s up there with the best.  Its been so good because the Steelers have been so stable, but now under Harbaugh the ravens are becoming consistent as well, so its a testament to how far the ravens have come as well.

Ed asks:  Both the Ravens and the Steelers have been a relative disappointment to their fan bases.  Do you think that either team is headed for a nose dive?

Ian replies:  I would say the Steelers already nose dived.  They feel a little better because they played well against the Jets.  Steelers have similar problems to ravens and their run game is non-existent and their offense sputters because of that.