By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — How do Maryland drivers feel about the state’s new gas tax? A new Gonzales Poll asked a sampling of registered voters likely to vote in next year’s election.

Pat Warren has the results.

Nobody likes taxes, but this one in particular rubs the wrong way.

In one man’s opinion: “It sucks!” An opinion shared by a majority of Marylanders who, on July 1, saw the gas tax increase to 27 cents a gallon.

Nearly 76 percent of voters in a new Gonzales Poll disapprove.

“No, I’m not happy with it at all,” said Timothy Kline, driver.

“All they do is tax us to death anyway,” Dick Thompson said.

A little more than 21 percent do approve.

“A couple extra pennies in exchange for much better roads and bridges is really a good way to spend our money,” said Saul Gilstein, driver.

Almost three percent had no answer. The degrees of disapproval were also polled.

“I think it’s the worst thing they could do, especially with the situation that people are in today,” said Ann Battle.

Like Ann, 59 percent strongly disapprove of the tax. Nearly 17 percent somewhat disapprove–a little like Peggy McNally.

“It angers me, but I understand that we do need some money for other projects. I’m almost… I don’t care anymore,” she said.

And because taxes are always ammunition in an election year, more than half of Democrats, nearly three-quarters of Republicans and two-thirds of Independents are thumbs down on the tax and the people who raised it.

“They’re deliberately putting more burden on people than what is necessary,” Battle said.

“Nobody’s listening, they’re just doing their own thing. And as far as I’m concerned, we need to get rid of the whole lot of them,” said Kline.

Additional increases approved this year will drive the tax up to 42 cents a gallon by 2016.

The poll also shows Governor O’Malley’s approval rating dropped to 48 percent. Down from 54 percent in January.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says, overall, Marylanders are paying about 36 cents less than this time last year due to less demand and a plentiful supply of gasoline nationwide.

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