BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Halloween isn’t all tricks and treats. It also means big money for retailers. The holiday is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

Kai Jackson has more.

Halloween rolls in and the trick-or-treaters roll out looking for sweets. But candy isn’t the only thing up for grabs on a day that’s now big business across the country.

“Lots of people celebrating at the houses and adults dressed up and Cross Street Market–that was quite fun. We’re having a great time,” said parent Kim Cunningham.

“I got the pretzels before. I already ate them and I got gummies and I got the almonds,” said 6-year-old Eyrun Antonsson.

Halloween has become a one-day financial juggernaut in the U.S.

Americans spend a total of $6.9 billion on the holiday. Of that money, $2.6 billion goes toward costumes and $330 million is spent on pets.

At a business called Doggie Style on Light Street in Federal Hill, pets are the best.

From pet treats to every imaginable kind of costume, this is one of many businesses, like bars and restaurants, poised to make a killing on Halloween.

“It’s picking up this year. I would say a little bit more than usual. I think I’ve sold more costumes this year than I have in the past,” said owner Lizzy Lipkin.

While kids are out with Halloween bags, the real treat might be for businesses who make money on Halloween.


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