BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s big money on the table. Maryland casinos continue bringing in millions in state revenue.

Linh Bui explains how much and where that money is going.

The latest numbers are in. Gamblers spent much more in October than they did a year ago.

You can bet on Maryland casinos. At Maryland Live!, gamblers fill up the tables and slot machines.

“Nice place to come just to be spontaneous,” said My Ong.

“I can’t believe it’s this packed in there right now after work. It’s amazing,” said Dave Pennington.

And that means big money for the state.

Maryland Live! Casino–with its new poker room–brings in the most money by far. It made $51.8 million in October, a whopping 69 percent more than last year’s $21.1 million.

“I walked from front to back and there are table games and slots all the way from front to back and flat screens and bars. It’s incredible,” said Pennington.

Combined with the other Maryland casinos–Hollywood Casino in Perryville, Ocean Downs and Rocky Gap–statewide revenue totaled more than $66 million. The casinos keep almost half of that and the rest goes toward different state programs, specifically education.

The casinos get $32 million, $26 million goes to the state’s education trust fund and the remaining $8 million goes to other programs, including local impact grants and helping small businesses.

“It’s a good idea that money goes to education. That’s the main thing,” Ong said.

The casinos and the state are all winners.

The total October revenue is a little more than the previous month. Gamblers generated $65 million in September.

The new Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore opens next year.

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Linh Bui


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