(credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker, who now works for SiriusXM and Sports USA, joined Zinno on “Last Call” to talk about the NFL headlines. Those headlines have been dominated by Richie Incognito and the scandal down in Miami. Tucker said that guys like Incognito are better suited for the NFL. He said, “That’s a big reason why I stayed in the league. I was ultra aggressive. For me, I didn’t think there was any other way to play. That’s the only way playing offensive line was fun. Blocking people wasn’t fun. Trying to kill a dude, that’s fun!”


The Ravens were the next topic and they look like a team that doesn’t have the edge and toughness they did a year ago. “These situations, it’s usually a combination of a number of things. I think it’s only human nature to lose your edge a little bit. Everyone is patting you on the back. Everyone is telling you how great you are,” Tucker said.

Some other NFL storylines were discussed, including the Ravens chief competition in the AFC North, the Cincinnati Bengals. Once again, quarterback Andy Dalton is in the crosshairs. “Two critical errors; one, the pick six when they were going to score, and the other one gave the Dolphins points as well. The combination of Andy Dalton’s inconsistency and now they’ve lost their two best defensive players for the season … that’s tough to come back from.”

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