BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police raids continue across Baltimore as the mayor puts the pressure on gang members and others she says are terrorizing the streets with drugs and crime.

Rochelle Ritchie spoke with the mayor, who says criminals haven’t even felt the heat of the police yet.

The mayor tells WJZ she and other city leaders have a laser-like focus on gang members and other violent criminals.

Baltimore City Police showed the faces they say are responsible for some of the crime on city streets. One of them, according to police, is a confirmed member of the Black Guerrilla Family gang — Maurice Hill — who was arrested Tuesday during a police raid.

WJZ took a ride with police as they raided 11 homes in the Eastern District. Our cameras were there as they went into action.

Seven people were taken into custody. Police also found heroin and cocaine. According to a Baltimore City gang expert, they are some of the gang’s many moneymakers.

“They use some of that money to help with their day-to-day activities. And in another instance, they pay a tax to the command structure of the BGF,” the gang expert said.

Raids are happening all across the city, as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake tried to rid her city of violent criminals.

“I want Baltimore to be a safer city. And we’ve had these things in the works. This is simmer. We haven’t even gotten the heat started yet,” she said.

The State’s Attorney’s Office has handed out 68 indictments in the last week. And with no plans to pull back on these police raids, more are coming.

Police say the bloodshed on the streets, the hundreds of people killed and the fear saturating the communities of Baltimore City is because of these ruthless gang members.

“We’re going to focus on them and we’re going to continue to get them,” the mayor said.

The Black Guerrilla Family gang is being blamed for much of the crime, and dismantling their operation is key in taking back the streets of Baltimore.

The gang expert WJZ spoke with says going to jail for many gang members is like a badge of honor.

Police say the raids are random and happen simultaneously.

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