CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WJZ) — A Boston Marathon survivor is back at a race. Erika Brannock stepped across the finish line at a half marathon in Charlotte.

Christie Ileto has more on how the Towson teacher got back on her feet.

With less than a mile to go, cameras captured Towson preschool teacher Erika Brannock walking across the finish line at the Thunder Road half marathon in Charlotte.

“Having so many firsts, the excitement takes over,” she said.

Brannock took some big steps in her journey to recovery.

“She walked the longest that she has so far so it’s been a very good day,” said her sister, Nicole Gross.

It’s something Brannock has been working toward for seven months, after she and her sister were injured while waiting for their mother to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Two bombs exploded and Brannock lost part of her left leg.

This isn’t the first race Brannock’s been back to. Just last month, she kicked off the Baltimore Marathon. That’s where she first revealed plans on how she would finish the race.

“We’re working in physical therapy to cross our fingers and have me walk across the finish line,” she said.

Brannock says she’s making a lot of progress. Her wounds should close in the coming months and she has ear surgery scheduled in January.


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