Ken Niumatalolo has been the head coach for Navy football since 2007.

Ken joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about Navy’s upcoming game against rival Army.

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Steve asks: What does the Army Navy game mean to the players?

Ken: For players they recognize that’s the first thing they learn, as a freshmen your not allowed to say much but you are allowed to say “Go Navy beat Army” and for players it is a special game.

Ed: Why have you been able to have a successful service academy program?

Ken: One major factory is a lot of continuity on our staff. There are some things we know that works here and we know what kind of kids to recruit.

Steve: 10 bowl games in 11 seasons?

Ken: Yes but it’s getting harder to win. One week we feel like we can beat Notre Dame, hardly losing to them, then next week we are struggling to beat Hawaii by 1 who was win less at the time.

Steve: How about your quarterback Keenan Reynolds?

Ken: He’s mentally tough and one of the best players I’ve been around. If you look at him physically hes 5’9″ but he is one of the toughest players I’ve been around.

Ed: How you think Florida State matches with Auburn?

Ken: I think they match up well. Auburn can rush the passer and anyone can carry the ball with thier zone read. I tink they match up well.

Steve: Heismen?

Ken: Havent payed much attention to that. Havent seen a ton of Jameis winston but what ive seen hes a talented kid.


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