BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A million dollar lawsuit has been slapped on the desk of the Baltimore City Police Department from the family of a man shot more than a dozen times by officers outside of a nightclub in 2011.

The lawsuit not only lists the police department, but also the nightclub and its promoters.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on the suit.

The lawsuit comes three years after the shooting death of Sean Gamble. His family is suing for more than $1 million.

It’s the chaotic video that shows what happened three years ago at the Select Lounge nightclub.

It shows a crowd of party goers, including 22-year-old Gamble, in an argument with Baltimore City police officer William Torbit Jr.

“The police should get more understanding before they start shooting,” a family member said.

Gamble was shot and killed by Officer Torbit.

Torbit, who was on duty and in plain clothes, was then shot 20 times by fellow officers.

All of the officers involved that night were cleared of any wrongdoing.

But the family of Gamble is not giving up, filing a 70-page lawsuit that alleges Gamble was running from Torbit that night–not fighting with him as investigators reported.

Attorney Byron Warnken weighed in the likelihood that the plaintiff will win in this case.

“If a police officer does what a reasonably similar police officer would do in that situation it’s going to be difficult to succeed,” said Warnken,

More than 40 bullets were fired that night by city police.

Warnken says it is very likely for this case to end up in the hands of a jury, but with the reputation the BCPD has with city jurors, this case is more than likely heading to federal court.

“If I am the Baltimore City Police Department I want a statewide jury. I don’t want citizens in Baltimore City,” Warnken said.

Gamble was engaged at the time of his death and even had a son.

The lawsuit is also seeking damages from the nightclub owner for not having adequate security and promoters.

Warnken does not represent either parties in this case.

Neither the BCPD nor the attorney for the Gamble family would comment.

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