BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Can learning physics and geometry be fun? The answer is yes if you’re a student at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore City.

A video game developer joined with students and professional soccer players to create an app that will soon be available on iTunes.

Mary Bubala reports.

Inside the Academy of Innovation at Frederick Douglass High School, the all-time leading scorer for the Baltimore Blast, Denison Cabral, is suited up in the name of science and a new soccer app.

His movements are being captured by multiple cameras in a state-of-the-art, privately funded motion capture studio.

Student Emmanual Lewis, 16, has teamed up with producers of an app for legendary soccer player Pele.

“It’s amazing. It’s more experience for me saying that if I go to college, if I want to, that I’ve been able to deal with professionals,” Lewis said.

Lewis’ name will be on the app’s credits because the footage shot Thursday will help animate players in the video.

Producer Michael LeGrand tells WJZ they’re saving lots of money by filming it at Frederick Douglass.

“It’ a very expensive thing to motion capture them, it’s a very expensive thing to set up a studio,” LeGrand said. “Baltimore City schools have some amazing things if you look and there’s an amazing program here at Frederick Douglass, where they’ve actually got a full motion capture studio set up and kids that know how to use it.”

Dr. Lynn Patterson is program director. She loves that a private enterprise is in her public school, as students get real life experience while applying high-tech skills based on physics and geometry.

“The Institute of Recording Arts, Media and Production program here at Frederick Douglass High School strives to make sure that the students have opportunities, entry-level opportunities, and that entry-level could quickly turn into something so much more,” Patterson said.

The app called “Pele: King of Football” is free and should be available to download in about a month.

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