Dan Szymborski, baseball writer for ESPN.com, joined Zinno to discuss Dan Le Batard’s giving his Hall of Fame vote to the website Deadspin.com. Szymborski agrees with Le Batard and his form of protest. “At first I was a little upset by it, but when I saw the reaction to the establishment, I kind of liked it more,” Szymborksi said.

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Szymborksi is not a fan of the process of the voting. “When the Hall of Fame started 80 years ago, it made sense to use the writers. But the way I think it is structured now is a problem,” he said. “Some times change doesn’t come from polite quiet words.”

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What will happen next? “It’s a really tough situation. It’s hard to figure out where the BBWAA will move going forward because this is probably one of the biggest voting scandals we’ve ever had,” Szymborksi said.

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