NORTH BEACH, Md. (WJZ)—A small dog is recovering in the hospital after being attacked by the neighbor’s American bulldog. According to the owners, it’s the third time the dog has attacked their pet.

Rochelle Ritchie spoke to the owners, who witnessed the vicious attack.

It is certainly a terrifying experience for anyone with a pet. As one dog recovers, another is in the custody of Animal Control.

Susan Ward took WJZ through the gut wrenching moments her precious terrier, Artie, was viciously attacked by the next door neighbor’s dog, Jake.

As Artie played on the fenced-in deck, Ward says their neighbor’s 105-pound American bulldog saw the 20-pound pooch and went in for the attack. The bulldog pulled Artie by the neck through the fence– still stained with blood. He dragged him a few feet with his teeth, piercing Artie’s neck.

“I started screaming as loud as I could ‘Help! Help!’” Ward said.

“Jake had Artie by the neck, swinging him as if he was a rag toy,” said Terry Haas, dog owner.

Artie’s owners tried everything they could to get the bulldog off the small dog. They even used a stun gun, but that didn’t work, so they had no choice but to pry the dog’s mouth open with their hands.

“I thought he was dead because his tongue was hanging out the side. It was purple, and I was covered in blood,” Ward said.

Artie was rushed to the hospital for surgery. The American bulldog, Jake, was taken into custody by Anne Arundel Animal Control.

But a twist to this story, the women say this is the third time Artie has been attacked by Jake.

“We have a community law, county law and state law that dogs that are outside need to be leashed,” Haas said.

WJZ cameras were there as Artie’s owners got the news they’ve waited for all day.

Artie was going to survive.

“It’s just a miracle that he is alive because we really thought he was dead,” Ward said.

WJZ tried to speak with neighbors at the home of the bulldog. They were too upset to go on camera.

The investigation is ongoing. There is no word on any charges.

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