We had someone call the show Tuesday morning about the Orioles lack of activity this off-season. He summed it up in one word: Pathetic.

So, we asked listeners to call in and text in with their one word description of the Orioles’ off-season. The word were varied, but not very positive. Disappointing, lame, cheap, miserly, insulting, Angelosian, deceptive, what?, lackluster, regrettable, embarrassing, etc.

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You get the point. People are unhappy.

My question is: Do the Orioles get the point? These are your customers, and this is how they feel.

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My word was “unacceptable.” This is unacceptable that a team that has had back to back winning seasons is on course to reduce its payroll and hasn’t replaced its All-star closer, one member of the rotation, and hasn’t upgraded at 2nd base or DH.

The Orioles will receive an additional $25 million above and beyond what they received last year for their share of the national TV deal. That is EXTRA money, and they aren’t spending it.

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Sure, they might still sign a player or two when the prices drop closer to spring training, but I find it hard to believe that they will be the kinds of players that will make this team better. I keep telling people, yes, Peter Angelos “wants” to win, but it sure doesn’t seem like he is willing to do what it takes to win.