Children in Baltimore and elsewhere whimsically fantasize of being successful; yet, what exactly is the definition of success? If success is a leader who embodies the spirit of mentorship without ever uttering a single word, then Laura Gamble, regional president of PNC Bank Greater Maryland, fits the description quite well.

(Photo courtesy of Laura Gamble)

(Photo courtesy of Laura Gamble)

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PNC Bank is one of the largest banks in Maryland with regional headquarters located in downtown Baltimore. Gamble graduated in the top-tier of her class with a degree in business from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She brings over 20 years of leadership banking experience and her management expertise is broadened by co-ownership of a private consulting firm. Gamble personifies why having an infatuation with learning throughout life can prove advantageous.

How has your educational background impacted your career achievements and goals?

“A good education teaches you how to think critically and how to communicate both orally and through writing. These are important skills in any career, but especially in banking.”

In your opinion, is education important to leadership? 

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“A good leader never stops learning, whether that is through their formal education or after. The world is not static and leaders constantly have to adjust to the changing environment. A good education helps you do that by cultivating a love of learning.”

Is community service helpful to being a well-rounded leader? 

“I do not believe you can be a leader if you don’t care about the community around you. I know that my business cannot excel if the community around me is in distress. So there are both humanitarian and business reasons to focus on the community.”

As a successful leader in the banking industry, what advice do you have for others?

“Always look for opportunities to deepen and broaden your experience and learn from them. Find a position that challenges you and you will grow to meet those challenges. No matter what job you find yourself in, as my grandmother would say, if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

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