I really like the new hire by the front office. In my opinion, bringing in Gary Kubiak and his staff was the best direction to go in for the organization.  I’m not knocking John Harbaugh, but he doesn’t have a background in Offense or Defense.  The Defense is set with Dean Pees and clearly going in the right direction with a lot of young talent.  Now the Offense has Kubiak, who turned things around for the Texans offensively and if you go back and look at the numbers his offense put up in Denver, you have to be excited as a fan.

I personally don’t believe that Harbaugh was in on this decision with the hire of Kubiak. I think Harbaugh is a good coach and he will get even better with the way the coaching staff is set up now.  With the two coordinators that are on staff, he knows his offense and defense are in good hands.  He now can focus on more preparations for game day and be in charge of decision-making during the games.

Lastly, this team needed someone with experience at calling plays.  They needed to hire someone outside of the organization and someone who is experienced.  I believe Jim Caldwell got too much credit for the Super Bowl run but he absolutely did not have the personnel to have success this past season.  I believe they address the O-line needs and receiver need in the draft and we see a much better product next season.

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