We all know what is #1 for most people. Football. We don’t need a poll to tell us that, although we got one.

A recent Harris poll showed that 35% of Americans have the NFL as their favorite sport. It’s the 30th straight year the NFL is #1. MLB was second, with 14%, followed by college football (11%), auto racing (7%), NBA (6%), NHL (5%) and college basketball at 3%.

Here are some interesting notes. MLB has dropped 9% in 30 years. Back in 1985, the NFL was first with 24%, with MLB right behind at 23%. The reduction in baseball fans is the largest of any sport.

I also thought it was noteworthy that car racing is 3rd, not one of the other team sports.

In addition, NBA barely leads hockey.

And, people may love a juicy scandal, but there is collateral damage. From 1996-2010, golf was always at least 4%. But in the years since, golf is down to 2%. Hmmm, what happened to change that? Tiger’s wife came at him with a 5 iron,. The luster wore off Tiger’s sparkling image….and his golf game has never been the same.

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