Lots of talk about the cold outdoor Super Bowl, even more about the weather and how it may bother Peyton Manning. That talk has smashed the dialogue about the pressure of a Lombardi trophy and what that might do to 2nd year Seattle QB Russell Wilson. He’s not Peyton Manning but he exudes smarts, savvy, composure, athleticism and plenty more. That said I can’t imagine that the “oh man I’m in the Super Bowl against Peyton Manning in a cold weather outdoor Super Bowl” won’t hit him at some point. Media day, press conferences etc etc etc may not shake him, but I’ve been in the stands at a couple of these and the electricity of the National Anthem, announcement of teams and more is a powerful powerful things. It can’t help but move a player. Manning has done it twice before, for Wilson it’s his maiden voyage. That will make a difference. How big? I don’t know but it’s a factor to me. Seattle has a tremendous amount of confidence and it’s not a false sense… It’s real. This is a powerful team in mind and body.  A bunch of young, tough, smart beasts that won’t back down from anything. The secondary is no joke. Richard Sherman, sure but the safeties in Kam Chancellor & Earl Thomas are the best pair in the NFL.  While the Broncos has a myriad of weapons and Manning will throw to them all this is a matchup of the best defense vs the best offense. So with that in mind here is my what and why for Sundays big game.

I like the Broncos to win 27-17 but if it’s 27-23 that wouldn’t surprise me either. The quick hit big chuck plays from Denver may be limited early while Peyton eats clock and chips away yardage.  Then once that’s rolling look for Denver to open things up. It will be a brutal chess match. If Seattle has a chance it’s no turnovers, big plays and of course Marshawn Lynch. Terrance Kinghton was huge for Denver stopping the run against the Patriots and will have to do the same Sunday. Let’s not forget Knowshon Moreno, he’s no slappy and the beauty of the Broncos offense is their ability to mix both pass and run.

I haven’t said anything most don’t already know and will yield the Seahawks are a real live dog, could very well walk out of the big apple with a Lombardi Trophy. I just think the stars are aligned for big bro Peyton to win his 2nd on the turf his baby brother plays on, who happens to have a pair of rings himself.

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