In a world of fast growing profits, revenue streams from advanced media and local / regional TV network deals the Baltimore Orioles still remain in the middle to low end of MLB spending. This all despite the aforementioned being applied to the teams bottom line, directly. The ownership of MASN adds to the value of the organization and cash flow as well. The national TV revenue share and money adds to it too. Yet and still the Baltimore Orioles remain strong in their business model to play it safe, stick to a budget and throw a blanket over how they operate.

Scared money don’t make money and in a world where they won’t go more than 3 years on a pitcher… Period.. it’s considered a joke. The idea that 3 years is the max on a pitcher is crazy talk. Player cost isn’t going down. Meaning if a team can lock a guy in at 2014 prices for years they might actually get a deal on the back end if the guy can still perform.

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Nothing guaranteed in sports but who has a business model that assumes failure? Only 3 years because the teams doesn’t want to be on the hook if the player doesn’t work out. That’s the taking point from the warehouse.

I’ve got a question for you… What if the player works out and his price explodes after 3 years – you could have had him for 4 or 5 years? What if, you know, things play out in a positive way? Then what? Penny wise and pound foolish. No, I’m not saying go get Tanaka when available or Ellsbury or Pujols etc etc etc but there is something called reasonable spending, a middle ground between Robinson Cano’s 240 millions dollar deal and Aaron Laffey and his minor league offer.

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Baseball is expensive, players are needed to play the game, talent is needed to win. Just like in the court room, talent costs money. Best lawyers cost the most. Don’t need the most expensive to win in the court room but I bet it helps. Cost doesn’t always equal results but this is a pay for play world.

The window of winning with this core group of all stars in Baltimore is only going to be open for so long. Waiting till it closes seems like milking the market for profits while staying status quo, yet competitive. It’s not an accident the lack of spending, failed physicals or rhetoric regarding building the farm system, growing from within and staying competitive. It’s an open showing of the way baseball business is done in Baltimore. Or not done as many fans would state.

I’ll just say this, many at the warehouse are far better business men than I, know much more of the teams financials and what cash MASN kicks out, but I do know the pulse of this fan base is begging to embrace this team. Paint this town orange and go on a baseball binge, I wonder if they’ll ever be given the chance.

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