Let me start by saying that the Ubaldo Jimenez signing was a big move and statement. It shows that the Orioles aren’t just cashing your checks and keeping your money. They opened up the coffers for Jimenez, and changed their practice by giving a pitcher a fourth year.

Hats off to them!

Now, what does it mean for their off-season?

Prior to this, I thought the off-season was a disaster, an F. They needed to upgrade the rotation, get a DH, fill holes and hopefully upgrade LF and 2B, plus try top extend Davis and/or Wieters.

The only thing they had done was swap McLouth for Lough, which I was fine with them doing. However, they also subtracted from the team by losing Johnson, and went through the embarrassment of Balfour failing his physical and signing in Tampa. Plus, they said Manny didn’t need surgery, and then he got it. So, prior to Jimenez, I thought the off-season was a failure.

Jimenez helps, but I can’t just ignore everything else. I will upgrade them from an F to a…….C-. I don’t want to give them a D, I just don’t because it’s not like they didn’t do anything. They were creative. But I can’t give them a B because that would indicate a good off-season and I don’t think it was one, at least not yet.

Now, if they go sign Morales, I will give them a B. They won 85 games last year. I think that, on paper, this team isn’t any better; as a result, I can’t give them high marks for their acquisitions.


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