Maryland missed a chance to keep their NCAA hopes alive by not beating Syracuse. I can’t say it is a game they should have won, but they sure could have won it.

I say it that way because they were so unimpressive offensively that I am not certain how they were in a position to win the game. They continue to treat the basketball like it has a contagious disease on it. 18 turnovers in the game, 12 in the first half.

In 2 minutes, Nick Faust air-balled a shot, threw a ball away and dropped a pass. He screwed up more plays in that little span than he made shots in the game. In fact, only 2 players made more than one shot. Seth Allen and Dez Wells. That is almost incomprehensible, that a team only had 2 players make more than one basket. Is this Division I basketball or 6 year old basketball, where the final score is usually 10-6 or something?

Allen was outstanding shooting the ball, but when your point guard has zero assists, you need a new point guard. That doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of Allen. He can play, he just is a 2 guard, not a point guard.

By the way, I do believe the refs blew it at the end. Faust was fouled. However, the Terps still don’t have much of a beef, not the way they played. Just about the only chance they have of making the NCAA’s is to win the ACC. Sure, they could sweep their final 3 games and then win a couple more in the ACC tourney to make a case, but how likely is that?


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