Assistant executive director of external affairs of the NFL Players Association George Atallah joined Glenn Younes and Bob Haynie on Sports Rehab to discuss a variety of NFL topics. Atallah started by addressing the rise in the salary cap for the upcoming season. Atallah said, “the salary cap number is not negotiated between the owners and players, its a function of how quickly NFL revenues grow.” Atallah then addressed how the NFLPA feels about the current Collective Bargaining Agreement saying “it takes awhile to make a judgement call on how good or bad a deal is. Ravens fans are happy that Terrell Suggs got a new deal. The Eagles are now able to re-sign more of their veteran players because of the structure of the rookie pay scale.”

Atallah, who has held his position since 2009, finally addressed the Ray Rice situation. “We haven’t seen the full set of facts so we won’t make any speculation of whats going on with him and his family. Anytime a player has a issue like this its disappointing, but we want to make sure he gets the help he needs.”

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