This is one of the more wide open tournaments that I can remember.  We have had quite a few different number 1 teams this year and have seen a couple losing streaks from the top-tier teams.  Syracuse and Michigan State have been tough to figure out and both teams have been ranked #1 this season.  We have had a couple of experts on our show who love Florida, Kansas and Arizona as the top teams in the country and project them to win it all.

I have heard a lot of talk about Wichita St and how they havent beat a top 25 team all year-long, but they are still undefeated.  Also Joe Lunardi od ESPN projects them as a number 1 seed but Jon Rothstein of CBS says they are not deserving of one.  Then there are the other mid major teams like St Louis, Creighton and San Diego st to name a few.  Do you think anyone of them can make a deep run in the tournament?

Other teams with big names like Duke, UCLA, and the reigning champs Louisville could put it all together and make a run.  You need a great back court and a favorable draw.  With those 2 things, I think I could give you 15 different teams making it to the championship. Anyway you slice it, this will be a great tournament at the end of the month.