Hi, everyone!

Did ya like the taste of spring on Saturday? (Dumb question.) It was great to see everyone out everywhere just getting some weekend “me” time. Well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it will remain not just mild, but Tuesday we will be within sight of 70.

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Look like Wednesday’s rain will end as a burst of snow. Figure an inch, but paved surfaces are just too warm for any major impact thanks to a stronger sun, and many days of temps above, day/night, freezing. What will get your attention before a weekend warm up is a blast of cold. Again.

Wednesday night, Thursday, Thursday night temps will be in the 30s and teens, and that is before a wind chill. Double meh. At least we will see weekend temps back to near 50, then 60 Saturday and Sunday. Zero meh.

Daylight Saving Time…how nice was it to see so much daylight at 7 p.m. No complaints. If you want to do some cool net surfing try this: search out Daylight Saving Time and you will that our regular time is called Railroad Standard Time. (Search that out too.)

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“Back in the day” in the 1800s there was no standard time. It was all based on the sun’s angle. It might be 8 p.m. in Baltimore but in Hagerstown it would be 7:58 p.m. Imagine what this did to railroad schedules coast-to-coast. Congress got involved and standardized time into four zones: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. Thus 8 p.m. in Baltimore is also 8 p.m. in Hagerstown.

The change to Daylight Savings Time is many levels but in the bigger picture we just move Railroad Standard Time up one full hour. It makes for some good reading and trivia!

Have a good one, and enjoy a sunny day with a high of 60.


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