Hi, all.

I cannot stress how much I dislike winter. And that is during a good year. I’d love to say we are done with this nonsense but, believe it or not, some computer models are showing another “event” a week from Wednesday. That remains to be seen but…..

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Rain Tuesday and Wednesday will wash this stuff away, and it will get nice and mild Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And that is a big deal. We need to get the ground temps up just in case of “something” else.

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Spring starts Thursday at 12:57 p.m. In NASCAR lingo ,”The ‘checkers’ are in the air”, in other words this race is about to end. And not one second soon enough.

Yes, I refuse to re-read my first thought, and choose to not let my thoughts go beyond what will be a nice week’s end, and weekend! Care to join me in this fantasy world?

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