So, I decided this year I would challenge my girlfriend to a Bracket Challenge of her own.

All the guys always talk about how picking brackets is impossible to do and your chances are just as good if you know nothing about College Basketball, as they would be if you were an expert.

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Some make educated guesses from countless hours of watching every team play, others make their picks from based on favorite colors, some just prefer one state to another, others like to go with which mascot would win in a fight… whatever the method to your March Madness bracket filling, the odds are stacked against you.

Take a look at the bracket that I filled out vs. the one my girlfriend filled out … We’ll see when all is said and done, who comes out the victor.

MY BRACKET : (Click to enlarge)

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MY GIRLFRIEND’S BRACKET : (Click to enlarge)


Whose got the better bracket? Vote!

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