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Tom Zepp

In November 2012, my brother Tim and I made a bet with each other to see who could lose the most weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We both had always been “big boys” and wanted to get in shape and the bet gave us the motivation to begin. To this day, I will not admit to losing the bet because my brother “cheated” by hiring a personal trainer to step up his game. After seeing Tim’s success, I was inspired to lose weight and to continue to motivate him as well. I started working at Merritt Athletic Club in Eldersburg as a front desk associate in March 2013. As I developed relationships with my coworkers and members of Merritt, I realized that fitness was becoming more and more important to me.

I graduated from Towson University as a classically trained operatic baritone with a degree in Music Education. Up until this time, all signs had pointed to me becoming a music educator but my desire to be more healthy lead me in a slightly different direction. I decided to pursue a career in personal training and completed the certification program through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

With the support of my family and friends, I have been able to reduce from 310 pounds to my current weight of 205 pounds. My body fat percentage has gone from nearly 35 percent to 16 percent…and still going down!

Speaking of support from my family, this dream could have never become reality without the unconditional love from my Mom and brother. Love you Mom and Tim!!!

Courtesy of: Merritt Athletic Club

Courtesy of: Merritt Athletic Club


Above content provided by Merritt Athletic Club

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